SK Gaming EM Chengdu 2009

The Extreme Masters Chendu tournament was SK Gaming's first big tournament with their two youngbloods: Frej "kHRYSTAL" Sjöström and Johan "face" Klasson.  Hungry for a win, both new players shined throughout the tournament as SK Gaming defeated one team after another on their path to glory.  Before SK Gaming could face their Swedish arch-rivals Fnatic in the grand finals, they had to overcome the nascent chinese powerhouse Tyloo in  a best-of-three matchup.  Here is the playbook of SK's tactics for de_inferno, which they used to overcome Tyloo in a 16-14 nailbiter.

CT Tactics

Middle Pinch (Pistol)

On Pistol round, SK does a pinch of middle.  Face buys a smoke and two flashes, Allen buys armor, and the rest buy grenade/flash/kit.  Face smokes middle and flashes deep down middle twice while Allen with armor and Walle walk down middle covered by the smoke. 

Meanwhile RobbaN and kHRYSTAL push banana with their grenades.

After throwing his grenades, Face goes to cover the apartment exit.

Passive A (Anti-Eco)

SK plays a very passive Anti-Eco setup.   kHRYSTAL throws a flash and quickly peeks down middle for some early round intelligence (as he ends up doing many times later in the half) and then falls back and spots middle with his FAMAS from arches.

Walle spams the apartment stairs from his spot just inside balcony while having an eye on the crack where the Ts can come out.  Robban plays left mid passively from inside the bombsite. 

Face spots the arches at B while Allen primes an HE grenade ready to dissolve any rushes.

Passive 3-2 (Gun Round)

RobbaN, walle and kHRYSTAL play A while face and Allen play B. 

Walle plays apartment balcony, going back and forth between spotting it and having his anti-flash ready.

RobbaN plays left mid passive in the bombsite, spamming the window boost and the apartment stairs.

kHRYSTAL spots mid from the arches as usual.  Face and Allen play adaptable at B, setting up into various cross-fires and anti-flash setups.   This is the one they use the most - face has a very unusual anti-flash here off the tall box in B while Allen has a more traditional CT spawn flash with the possibility of a quick rotate to A.

A Stack (Eco Round)

With one SK player having a colt saved from the previous round, SK decides to stack A, and this is how they do it.  Face spots down B with his knife out running back and forth, ready to get away.


The A players shift around a bit at the start, before deciding on a setup.  Walle is boosted on top of a box inside the site watching apartments.

kHRYSTAL shifts around with his deagle, eventually hiding in site at a very random angle.  Robban hides right behind site box buried in the nook.  Allen plays in Moto pit hugging cover so that only his head is exposed. 

B Flash Attack (eco round)

Face plays in the back of B with a flashbang primed while his teammates are grouped up close to the B arch.  RobbaN watches the flank.

Apartments Crossfire (Gun Round)

Walle and RobbaN crossfire apartment stairs from window room and balcony.  kHRYSTAL AWPs middle from the arch. 

Allen and face play adaptable at B again, this time showing the possibility of a 2-man flash attack, but finally reverting to their CT spawn/B tall box counter-flash setup (see above).

A Stack #2 (Eco Round)

SK decides to stack A again on their save, this time utilizing a stack in right middle and a crossfire on apartments from uncommon spots, completely ignoring middle.

Face prowls B with a deagle.

Semi-Aggressive A: Window Peek (Gun Round)

SK mixes things up by playing a bit aggressive.  kHRYSTAL takes a very conservative peek down middle with his AWP before falling back to arch.

Walle flashes over the window for RobbaN who peeks window, takes one out, and damages another. 

Face and Allen play their usual B setup.

Semi-Aggressive A: Jungle Mix-up (Gun Round)

SK plays a bit more conservatively this round.  kHRYSTAL takes his usual cautious peek down middle with this AWP while RobbaN mixes it up by playing arch-side with grenades ready to counter any kind of fast push on kHRYSTAL.

Face and Allen set up their flash attack at B. 

Semi-Aggressive B (Gun Round)

Face and Allen (who has the close spawn to B) play differently at B here, with the two pushing out and setting up the roof flash.

Allen uses it and catches a Tyloo player but gets taken out himself.  When Allen gets picked RobbaN and Walle use an interesting two-man setup, ignoring apartments. 

Alt-Mid Attack (Eco Round)

Face lurks in B while SK pushes window and apartments on their save.

Semi-Aggressive A: Khrystal Picks Alt-Mid (Gun Round)

SK plays their usual 3-2, but kHRYSTAL goes for a pick down alt middle.

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12.21.09 11:28am
very insightful. gj :)
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12.21.09 02:22pm
Very nice job.
Good work guys keep it up :)
12.21.09 09:38pm
5.4.10 10:05pm
Very helpfull.
3.13.11 05:35pm
Very nice describe :)
4.29.11 02:31pm
7.15.11 06:32am
many cool setups and strats
6.7.12 11:52am
nice strats
7.21.12 11:19am
good job
1.10.14 05:12am
nice job
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