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Anti-eco positions
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Gregersen 12.27.10 11:35pm
Hey guys!
I need some help on the topic of anti-ecos, as I found it rather undescribed from a few google searches. This being anti-ecos at the CT side.

Me and my friend was having a heated debate about the positioning of an anti-eco strat - in this case with the example on infernos B-site.
The "tactic" i prefer to go with is to use a pre-emptive HE to put some initial damage on the terrorists, before they approach the site.
Then I imedietly push back towards the spot I know has the correct angle. It looks something like this, usually:

Then I'll wait for the first enemy to pop his head out, shoot him down and then step a little bit forward, in order to spray down the rest of his team and end the round quickly. The angling I end up with here is slightly more offensive than the initial angle, although not much - it looks something like this;

The picture right above, is the spot where I end up spraying most of the enemy, if not all of them, down. If there are one or two survivors I usually grab my USP and push out for them, depending on my health-situation (which is usually about 80~ or more at this point, as things go very quick).

This was one side of the discussion, and my preferred angle/choice of tactic.
A thing to note is that this is what I do for all maps when anti-ecoing. I put a pre-emptive nade on the terrorists, then choose a slightly offensive angle so that I'm ready to push out into a full-offensive angle to end the round.
This works on most maps (atleast the spots im having). eg: b on d2, b on inf, inside on train, b on tuscan etc etc. the list goes on.

Now, my friend has a more defensive approach to the anti-eco thing. He would initially just run to a preffered spot, and co-ordinate with his teammate on the bombsite to set up a crossfire and then both of them would hop into position.

This is usually something like this:

The teammate would ofcourse be sitting outside of bombsite b, on the boxes towards CT-spawn, to the left of the crosshair.
Here they are in a very good position to counter-flash the rush, which is a big part of this way of doing the anti-eco this way.
Now while this is a very valid way to do it, it offers a very bad angle in my opinion, as the opponent here has the posibility of retreating. Indeed, they will never break the hold and enter the site, but they are allowed to retreat.

Another thing is that in both ways of doing this we both prefer to put a smoke somewhere near the edge of bombsite b, towards banana so that the terrorists will not be able to orientate until they are halfway up the stairs up bombsite b.

I know this is an odd question to ask, but we really need some help on this.
Which is better? Is it just a matter of taste? Is one better than the other? Does it depend on the situation?

Please, comment on this, and help us out! ;)
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gurvar 12.28.10 06:30am
I think a passive angle is better and more common in pro-matches
The reason is that the enemies in a higher skilled team often buy one or two flashes to open up the bombsite, and if you'd stand on a offensive angle like the first example shows, the enemies might blind you and get an easy kill.

Also the glock is more devastating on closecombat. A team who knows how to handle the glock will probably 3/10 times be able to pick you off... know it doesn't sound much .. but they'll probably get your gun and might be able to pick your m8 off and plant the bomb.

I'd like on d2 for example hold this angle with one m8 boosted on me; ( couldn't printscreen from the game for some reason :S )

This is of course just my oppinion, and it might work out 10/10 times for you to spray down the enemies ( even higher level players ) by playing offensive, and then that's the best way for YOU to hold.
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P jacobson 12.29.10 01:34am
I think both of you have pretty valid claims. The spot you first show does work really well, but vs organized teams you are going to get blinded from flashes over the bombsite, and pre naded and deagled. You'll probably still be able to get 1-2 kills in this position. You can see aggressive players like n0thing use this spot.

From the defensive position, the problem is you're giving the Terrorists too much room to work with. This can allow them to walk all the way up to banana and have a 5v2 situation without any of your teammates in bombsite A being in a position to rotate quickly.

What I would suggest...

Initially, it's good to have the best spawn to B spot down banana. This will let you be able to call for an early rotate if they are rushing B. The second player should get to a support position with a flash primed, able to throw it so you can fall back from spotting if they are rushing. Then you should double nade them as they execute into the site. This is when you would want to flash and push the angles you like in the second arch way and your teammate can remain in the defensive spot at the triple boxes, giving you a crossfire.

Some things to consider...

Save your nades. These can be really crucial to retaking A, or stopping a B rush.
Pre-nading can put you in a tough spot if your opponents play slow and purchase weapons.

Spot the initial rush. This can be really important for two main reasons. Firstly, consider if your opponents force buy and walk 5 Terrorists banana. They will be in a 5v2 position, with none of your A players in a close rotation spot and able to execute easily. Now, what if they send 5 players A? They will be in a same 5v3 position at A, if you aren't spotting Banana. Spotting banana can allow your B rotator to get to A early in the round if nothing is seen. You can always leave your B spotter in CT spawn later into the round waiting for a rotation call.

I hope some of this helps.
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clar1ty 3.14.11 07:59am
The best thing that you can do, in my oppinion to protect the B is to make combo in the corner near the alpha or omega and nade when you hear them near you.
I dont know if that positions are called this way.
I just had a look at this.

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