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Strat Calling / Making
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rCked 5.26.08 04:29am
I was thinking of a good article and was thinking about one telling people the difference between a reall strat and a around the world strat. If you do around the world on d2 in a Cal-M match. There not dumb to rotate teams alwas wait. Tell me what you think. I might write it if its cool with winout or I'll help them :)
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kth 5.26.08 10:23pm
winout doesnt allow just anyone to write far as i know you have to be cevo-p and have enough experience to know what you're talking about. there are reasons and goals behind every part of strats these days, and the way a cal-m/p/i team run's their in-game is not gonna be anywhere near the level of the way a top cevo-p team run's their in game. theres a whole lot of in-game thinking that the lower tier teams just dont have any grasp of...even tho they may have a better grasp than teams in leagues below them. but ya thats an interesting idea for someone to write an article on (not about an around the world strat because thats a useless strat that hasnt worked in 5 years), but about the way teams should think and plan their strats and setups.
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P jacobson 5.26.08 11:45pm
In the not too distant future I will be putting out an article on the differences between a strat caller and an ingame leader, and how to develop yourself to be a successful ingame leader....this should help :)
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citron 5.27.08 11:31am
im not cevo-p and i write articles ":D
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kth 5.27.08 12:05pm
not about strats and in-game thinking you dont. :)
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citron 5.27.08 01:24pm
oh :)
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rCked 5.28.08 08:36am
Really dont care about cevo-p and blah blah blah. I just wanted to put and idea out there that would help some people. The reason i pikced around the world strat is becasuse as you said it doesnt work in turn would tell people to..........STOP USING USLESS STUFF!

And the articule Jacob was talking about will help alot of people. To many think there all the same, big difference.
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kth 5.28.08 10:03am
#7 his name is doug jacobson btw (not that its a big deal but i figured id just say that anyways). the only reason i mentioned a league in my post up there was as a point of reference...and all i meant was that the person writing the article to teach other players about the game needs to be experienced enough at higher levels to actually be giving good advice and information. thats all i was sayin, but ya his article will be good, and there will be more coming back to back soon.

to elaborate on what i said...i think what you're talkin about rck is more along the lines of how the game has evolved strategically over the years and how the old style wont work against the newer style. believe me when i tell you that there will be an article coming on that sometime in the near future.
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s1nghb0t 5.29.08 12:23pm
"as far as i know you have to be cevo-p and have enough experience to know what you're talking about" LOL well nMo did learn from jame^s so..i guess hes taught u guys well>>~ book ur lessons while theyre hot guys!
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kth 5.29.08 03:50pm
lol nmo didnt learn anything from james, get ur story straight. he only played about 4 total matches with us and then we seperated ourselves from him. he only played in 1 or 2 cevo-p matches with us, he was on the team for about a week and a half when it was a friends team that just played for fun.

to add to that...a lot of the members of nmo really didnt like james or like listening to him at all which is the main reason we went our seperate ways. and on top of that, nmo didnt even run strats we pugged every single match we ever played without ever scrimming, so james had nothing to teach us.

if u know him or have talked to him and thats what he told u then he severely mislead u and took credit for something that wasnt his to take credit for. thats the only reason i even responded to that.

what ull come to learn is that the stories that james tells are often entirely different than the stories that everyone else tells about the same thing. they're almost always manipulated to benefit him in some way.
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rCked 5.30.08 04:10am
Yes what #8 said is what I was trying to get out about how we evolved. Thank you for helping me. Didn't know how to word it.

#7 his name is doug jacobson btw (not that its a big deal but i figured id just say that anyways).
^^^Still don't care. That just makes me giggle.
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s1nghb0t 5.31.08 09:47pm
wutevers clever
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josh_rt 6.22.08 11:30pm
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f1sh 8.11.08 11:10pm
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musso 8.11.08 11:11pm
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HATTRICK 10.17.08 03:55pm
You dont really need a complicated strat to win the round. You just need to be organized, on the same page, and have your timing down.

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